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Steve Taylor

Steve Taylor 1940 - 1986

Steve Taylor (real name Richard Cole) met Al Parker in 1973 and the two remained in a relationship for nearly 14 years until Taylor's death in 1986. Steve and Al performed together in a number of films (including in Inches, a particularly famous scene in Wanted, and Flashback) and Steve was a convincing actor and great sexual performer. The two formed the gay porn production company Surge Studios together and shot many of their films out of their home in Hermosa Beach, California. Taylor and Parker had an open relationship and Taylor enjoyed hearing about and even watching Parker's sexual exploits.

Selected Filmography:

Inches (1979)
Wanted (1980)
Performance (1981)
Al Parker's Flashback (1981)
Games (1982)
Dangerous (1983)
Therapy (1985)
Oversize Load (1986)
Love a Man with a Beard 1
Scared Stiff

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Steve Taylor Content

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Al Parker's Flashback Scene ...

14 Jul 2016
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Al Parker's Flashback

07 Jul 2016
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Games Opening Scene

16 May 2016
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Steve Taylor Gallery

09 Feb 2016
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Inches Scene 2

22 Oct 2015
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