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Scott Taylor

December 20, 1954 (Ohio) - 1994

Scott Taylor, born Scott Taylor Hampton, came to be known for his monster cock and, according to Manshots, a rather difficult, even intimidating persona both on-screen and off-screen. Taylor was nicknamed "The Sultan of Solo Sex" because he only appearaed in solo scenes (unusual and frequently extreme ones, at that) and "The Dickhole Guy" for an appearance in a particularly extreme solo video, My Masters (Live Video Inc), in which he masturbates, dirty talks to the audience, and eventually inserts his pinky finger into his urethra.

Taylor began starring in pornography at the age of 25 in the 1980s, initially appearing in William Higgins' The Boys of Venice and Steve Scott's Rough Cut. He was in several Surge Studio films alongside or directed by Al Parker (Flashback, Turned On!, and Strange Places Strange Things), made a video called "How to Enlarge Your Penis," and starred and in other Live Video Inc releases, including his last video, which was a solo tape he produced and directed called Cutting Edge (1993). Taylor notably performed self-sucking, could stuff his balls up his ass, and used penis pumps (to an extreme degree in Strange Places Strange Things). He only made eight films, but all were memorable.

Taylor was a perfectionist and an exhibitionist and his demand for total creative control in the films he worked on alienated him from directors. Taylor's vision certainly appealed to his audience, who relished his abilities. Contracting the AIDS virus did not stop Taylor's carrer, as he continued to make solo tapes (including My Masters) after this point.

Selected Filmography:

Rough Cut (1979)
Flashback (Surge Studios) (1981)
Turned On! (1982)
Strange Places, Strange Things (1985)

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